Advising Appointment Update

In alignment with the campus directives regarding the precautions surrounding COVID-19, the Languages and Literatures academic advising offices are now physically closed.  Our Advisors remain available and will be offering academic advising appointments to students through zoom, phone call, or email.  Once you have scheduled your appointment in the online appointment system, your advisor will reach out to you via email with instructions on how to connect with them using zoom, phone call, or email. Resource FAQ for Students

Humanities Expanded Course Descriptions

Spring 2021 - Remote Instruction


All Spring 2021 courses in the Humanities Department will be held REMOTELY (online)

Graduate Courses

HUM 002A - Global Humanities

Prof. Noah Guynn

Course Description: How does Scripture shape identities and beliefs? Are identities and beliefs stable, or do they change over time? Does the meaning of Scripture change along with identities and beliefs? Does Scripture have a single, truthful meaning? Or is it open to interpretation? In what ways have interpretations of Scripture been used to dictate moral conduct, social relationships, and political behaviors? How do the ways in which people have interpreted Scripture define their relationships with God and other people? In particular, how have their interpretations of Scripture determined their understandings of gender and sexuality?

This course will seek answers to these questions by examining the story of God’s creation of the world and of Adam and Eve in Jewish and Christian sacred texts and commentaries from the tenth century BCE through the present day. Specifically, we will investigate (1) the basic accounts of Creation in the Old Testament (Genesis 1–3); (2) the ways in which different authors from different historical periods have interpreted (or improvised on) those accounts; and (3) the ways in which spiritual insights derived from the interpretation of sacred texts have given shape to moral, social, and political issues.

HUM 013 - Witches: Myth & Reality

Associate Prof. Elisabeth Krimmer